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Dies und Das
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  » Bouncer4You.com shines in new splendour 04.05.2010 - 18:25
by umke.de|hasi
A fresh start into May! We over at Bouncer4You have great news: We can finally present our new website to public. All the work definitely paid off. We are very happy with the result, and we hope that you like it, too.

In the new version, we especially paid attention to user-friendliness and clarity, making sure that you can find the most important offers even quicker. Furthermore, the site has also changed visually. The grey is gone, now everything shines blue.

For the launch of our new online presence, there is a very special offer for you: Get 20% off on all new orders! This is an excellent opportunity to pay a visit to our order page and stock up with first-class hosting products, such an offer won't come again soon. Of course, you will receive the outstanding quality and availability that made us become the world's leading provider of IRC-related services and that our many satisfied customers expect from us.

Best regards,

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Unbenanntes Dokument
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