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Dies und Das
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27.10: gamed! - 2:1
14.10: Fifaratten - 3:3
14.10: joker - 1:7
14.10: Die Holzhackerbuam - 2:4

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clanwar details

Date: 30.06.2008
Game / Squad: ESL Team
Opponent: DI / Die Indianer
League: Clanbase [Matchlink]
Maps: crossfire, vacant
crossfire, vacant 19 : 21
total19:21 Team:|brzl,|hasi, Kruemel,|Worsti
DI Team: Rfinal, HeKtoR aka Ziro, S.T.A.L.K.3.R, spL
Server: umke][de WARServer
Screenshots: no Screenshots available



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